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Feedback from the Lead Organization

If the institution has agreed to the processing of the dissertation and its evaluation, then after studying it must provide a review to the Discussion Council. This document should reflect the following points:

  • the relevance of the chosen topic;

  • practical significance of the work;

  • the validity of the author's hypotheses and conclusions, their argumentation;

  • novelty of the dissertation;

  • compliance of the set goals and objectives with the results obtained;

  • the ratio of the abstract and the dissertation: the absence of contradictions, inconsistencies, the completeness of the reflection of the study;

  • importance for the development of the industry or science, the possibility of using the results obtained in real life;

  • strengths and weaknesses of the study, comments are indicated;

  • assessment of the manner of presentation of the text;

  • general conclusion on the work;

  • a reasoned recommendation for awarding a scientific degree or title.

This document is provided to the educational institution in 2 copies. It is discussed at the meeting of the department.

Feedback must be on the letterhead of the lead organization. It is signed by the head of the enterprise or his deputy, a wet seal is put. A mandatory element of this document is the presence of the date of compilation, the number of the protocol and the signatures of the seminar members. Then it is certified by the secretary of the leading organization.

If at the meeting of the department shortcomings or contradictions were identified, then the review can be returned for revision to the leading organization. Also, the Dissertation Council has the right to change the leading organization, but then the date of the thesis defense will be postponed by no more than 6 months.

It is important that the finished and properly executed document be attached to the dissertation 10-14 days before its defense. Feedback from can be both positive and negative. Regardless of the assessment of the leading organization, the graduate student will be admitted to the defense of the project, where he will be able to defend his point of view.

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